Don't Let That Drip Become a Downpour

Request prompt roof repair services at your home or place of business in Columbia, MO

Is your roof leaking even a little bit? Take care of minor roof damage before it snowballs into more costly problems with roof repair services from Borntrager Exterior Repairs, LLC. Whether your roof is made of asphalt, metal, concrete or wood, our pros can locate and fix your leak in no time. We can also repair your chimney, vent pipes and skylights.

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Roof Replacement

5 signs your roof might need to be replaced

You should schedule roof replacement services if your roof:

  1. Is sagging or starting to rot.
  2. Is cracked or full of holes.
  3. Has dark streaks or mold growth.
  4. Has sustained major storm damage.
  5. Is more than 20 years old.

Don’t wait for roof damage to get worse. If you suspect the roof of your home or business isn’t doing its job, call 573-881-1157 to arrange for roof replacement services in the Columbia, MO area.