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This past fall (2018) I hired them to rebuild my front porch. I was beyond happy with the results! They exceeded my expectations! I will definitely be using there services again. Highly recommend!

Katie Brueggemann

They always do an excellent job!

Gabriel JunIor

Very pleased with the work and the customer relations. Thanks.

Peter Holmes

Borntrager Exterior Repairs, LLC in Columbia, Mo repaired my leaking roof last May. The job included replacing plywood sheeting, flashing, and shingles in a steep valley of the roof. The workmanship was excellent, top quality materials were used, and the job was completed on time and within the estimated cost. Eddie Borntrager proved to be trustworthy and reliable. Severe storms, wind and heavy rains, lasting several weeks, hit just after the work was completed; there have been no leaks, no rework, and no problems. A GREAT JOB! I enjoyed working with Eddie and so far have recommended him to one neighbor and my daughter.

David Berger

Eddie was very knowledgable and explained what needed to be done and why. We had full confidence in him to do the job!

Marcia C.

He has helped me out with multiple projects (roof, difficult door replacement, concrete). He was prompt, responsive, and his estimate for time and materials was correct both times. He seems to know about any kind of home repair project so I am sure he will be able to help you out.

Jason B.